Club YEC Member - 2019

$120 HKD

Club YEC Member - 2019

Join us NOW, for upcoming screening Ticket(s)!

Club YEC Membership 2019 Gift:
Movie Voucher X2 + HKindieFF 10th Anniversary Book X1 "On Earth We Stand"

Membership Fee: HKD$120

Enjoy Privilege:
- 20% off on HKindieFF 2019 tickets
- 20% off on YEC film tickets in 2019 (excluded community screenings)
- 10% off on DVDs or VCDS
- 10% off HKindieFF souvenirs
- Discount subscription to Fleurs des lettres

If you would like to support Ying E Chi or the distribution of Hong Kong indie films, you may add $80 donation (total amount $200) when checking out.

Apply now at YEC Office or reception counters during HKindieFF 2019

Welcome to donate for supporting Ying E Chi and independent films distribution

- Club YEC Membership 2019 valid until 31 December 2019
- DVD / VCD discounts limited to purchase in person at YEC office or the counter of screening venues during the film festival
- YEC reserves all the rights and final decision for all membership privileges
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