YHA 30+ 香港青年藝術家對談錄 Young Hong Kong artists dialogue

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YHA 30+ 香港青年藝術家對談錄 Young Hong Kong artists dialogue

香港 Hong Kong / 2010 / 彩色Colour / 96min
廣東話對白,中英文字幕 In Putonghua with Chinese and English subtitles

周凱兒 蔡世豪 劉學成 李智海 呂永佳 彭倩幗 楊嘉輝 由零開始 曾翠珊

This film has documented14 interviews with local young artists of approximately the same age and same generation as the Director, the Post-70, one might say using the fashioned term. After finishing tertiary education, they were immediately challenged with the recurrent economy downturn and a society too rigid and suffocating for alternatives. Sustaining their arts persual under such circumstances, and take it as a career is simply suicidal. While we keep our fingers crossed for these hearty young people, their reasons and journey to becoming artists are ant-biting our curiosity. Previous art-related experiences, upbringings, studies, works or life-turning incidents may be the explanations, but what is it they most concern about after all? Is Hong Kong a feasible place for their arts development?

馬智恆 MaChi

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