Club YEC Membership 2018

$120 HKD

Club YEC Membership 2018

Join us NOW, for upcoming screening Ticket(s)!

You can also enjoy discounts on HkindieFF and YEC film tickets in 2018, and 10% off discount on DVD/ VCD and HKindieFF Souvenirs (only purchase in person at YEC office or the counter of screening venues during the film festival).

Membership 2018:
Ticket Exchange Coupon* x 1 + 10th Anniversary Book x 1
OR Ticket Exchange Coupon* x 2

If you would like to support Ying E Chi or the distribution of Hong Kong indie films, you may add $200 as donation when checking out.

You can join our membership plan via our website, in our office or at the counter of the screening venues during the film festival.